So I screwed up...

kangarooian Owner posted Nov 13, 17

It is with a heavy heart that I must now inform you that I have declared the server dead. I failed in my task to keep the server alive and growing.

But I have learned a lot. And have dipped more than a toe into this server running world and I have not given up. I intend to bring a new server to life under the Capital Craft name. It will be more involved, more to do, and hopefully better running and fun. It is with this that I hope to build a larger stronger player base.

I am open to any and all suggestions and feedback. The server is whitelisted for the time being. I can and will add players to the whitelist with the understanding that things may change at any time without warning. The server will be unstable. More details to follow.




FullestMoon0 Could I help with building? I can build cool, artistic building and maps.
ninjameep I would like to be white listed to the server please o: Username: ninjameep
MintyOrangeJuice Howdy, I was wondering if you needed help building or with anything in general. I'd be happy to help with anything ...