An update most Moist.

kangarooian Owner posted Jul 30, 18

Hello all! Sorry for the silence. I have been super busy with life outside of the server, but I haven’t forgotten about you! Now just, the regular survival work and its supporting worlds are open. the Adventure map is postponed for the time being. The server will be at 1. 12. 2 till everything we use is tested and working on 1. 13. Until the update and due to limited resources for the server to run, the world border is in place to allow for updated areas to be generated and keep file size small to meet our server’s restrictions.

 At this time there is a decline in the overall interest in Minecraft servers and we are running in "maintain mode" so regular dedicated players still have their hard work and a server to come to. We will throttle up the server again and expand the world borders if we see an increase in demand after the 1.13 update.

I thank you for your interest in our server and if there is something I can do to improve gameplay in the meantime please let me know on discord or the forums.