So we are not at all sure that we are happy with the Grief Prevention protection system we have currently on the server right now. We are reaching out to you all on which you think you might be more interested in having to protect your plots from mobs and griefers (sometimes a combination of the two since we know creepers love to grief). Keep in mind if we change plugins and you already have a claim set up we will refund you the money you paid so that you will be able to claim your area with the new option.

I will go through some simple break downs on the plugin options we've got and if you have a suggestion please let us know. Also, if you have already started a claim post your ingame name on this thread and we can add you to our refund list.

Right now we have the Grief Prevention (Golden Shovel) plugin installed and it is fairly simple to set up, basically you use a tool (Golden Shovel) to select the opposite corners of the area you want to protect and then you claim that area (or place a chest down for a free starter plot that you can expand). GP is really limited in what protection flags you can set. Everything is practically grouped under just a few flags in which you can trust friends to be able to have access to on your plot. Unfortunately there is no way to be able to directly transfer your claims to someone else except for selling your claims back to the server for money and then giving that money to your friend. This however, as we have discovered, presents another issue as far as putting you in a negative bonus blocks balance which means any additional bonus blocks you may wish to purchase through the webstore will end up bringing that back to 0 instead of actually giving you blocks until a staff member can manually reset your blocks back to 0 and adjust blocks you may have earned since you sold yours back to the server. All the commands and an informational video can be found here.

Another option we have available is a plugin called Towny (Towny Advanced). It too also has a fairly limited amount of flag customizations, they are grouped within a few certain flags as far as access is concerned but you do have the option to turn on/off mobs and pvp within your claim/town (or if you don't want PVP in your town but want to set up an arena plot where pvp is allowed you are able to). With towny, players are able to create their own town which usually comprises of an initial 16x16 plot that is deducted from your personal balance which can be expanded with an additional 7 that can be purchased adjacent to the starting plot, these additional plots will be deducted from the Town's Bank balance (make sure you keep your balance up so that your Town can pay for its upkeep and purchase these additional plots). At the beginning you are only provided with 8 plots and can be increased by adding friends to your town. Anyone in your town can deposit money into the town bank so that they can help with the upkeep cost and help afford additional plots, each friend you add to your town grants you an additional 8 16x16 plots. Keep in mind when setting up these plots there is an ascii map of sorts that can show up in your chat box but there are no border effects, you will need to map out your own borders using a temporary block or fence, you are also not able to define where you want the plot set up, towny sets up the world into these 16x16 chunks that may end up cutting through half of your build, so make sure you claim all the blocks you need to be able to protect your entire build. For players wanting to build a town make sure you leave a plot between players you are allowing to live in your town and make a home, you do have the option to "sell" your plots to players to be able to build but it counts the entire 16x16 chunk, so if you want any roads, you will need to consider this in your town layout. Another option that Towny provides is that each town has the ability to join a nation which can comprise of several different towns and depending how many nations there are we can set up events in which players can have their nations go to war (keep in mind, if you don't want your town in a war, make sure you are not in a nation or in a nation that is neutral). All the commands and an informational video can be found here.

The other option we have is the Residence Plugin which provides people with the ability to claim an area of land with a tool by selecting the opposite corners much like the GP plugin but Residence has a more extensive flag system and can be divided into subresidences and is the plugin we have used in the past that some like because of the flags but some didn't like it because it was too complicated. You don't have to make it complicated if you don't want to, if you want just a big square, go for it. To put it in perspective I will share how we used it for the server land - Spawn (The entire spawn and surrounding area comprised of the main Residence plot), Train Station (Subzone of Spawn Residence), Railways (Subzones of the Spawn Residence), Mall (Subzone of Spawn Residence), Mall Shop Stalls (Subzone of the Mall Subzone but still a part of the main Spawn Residence). Residence does allow for players to rent out plots they set up within their protected areas, these can be any size you want using the same selection tool that you used to create the main area in the first place. Commands can be found here and a video can be found here.

Only the GP and Residence have the boundary visual indicators. GP and Towny have limited flag permissions but are fairly easy to use/set up. Residence is a little more in depth with permission flags you can customize but it does take a little more time to learn. We'll provide the guides, commands, videos for whichever plugin we end up keeping.